Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 314 and counting

yooo! this is my first blog so I'm not really sure what to do with these things sooooo I'm just gonna tell you a little about myself. I'm 20 years old and a sophomore at DelVal. I'm majoring in Equine Science and management/ Pre-Vet track. I'm in a fraternity on campus call rho epsilon kappa better known as PEK. I live with 2 other brothers off campus. I'm originally from Jersey, and I still go back and visit every weekend, mainly because my girlfriend is there lol. Other than that my family runs a 23 acre horse farm. It gets pretty hectic at times when animals are running away and you're getting beaned in the face with branches as you're running after them in the woods haha, never a dull moment I always say, I don't know most people go to school and stress out about work and friends and their lives. I go to school to take a break from my busy weekend lol but anyway about the people I live with at school, are my 2 brothers (from the frat), Cody and Diehl, and our other friend, B-Webs, and his girlfriend, Lauren, lol I know, this house gets outta hand too. Like right now Lauren has been out of the house for a few days, for work and the house is a fucking wreck lol oh did I mention that all my roommates are all over 21 and treat the NBI like a home away from home hahaha. I came down the stairs this morning looked at the living room table, its covered with cups, paper towels, bottles, and magazines, one of which is ripped to shreds because one of them came home wasted one night asked if I was reading it and then proceeded to tear it apart, anyway that was like 3 days ago and it’s still there lol. So to mention my ongoing theme it’s that I’m 20 in a house of all people of age to go out to bars, more times than not I’m stuck at home by myself twiddling my thumbs, and to make it that much better, my girlfriend is 23 lol FML right? So this blog I going to record my countdown till my 21st birthday!!! Well I’m hungry so I’m out.